Functionality, Strength, Comfort, Durability, Safety and Overall Economy

Mini Crosser M1 - 4 Wheel Scooters

Top quality on 4 wheels
- Danish workmanship
- The highest level of quality in the industry
- Super-comfortable suspension
- Extremely powerful and reliable
- Long life
- Wide range of accessories
- Crash Test completed successfully
- Supply of spare parts guaranteed for at least 10 years
- Fit for all climates
- Environmentally friendly
- Special coating on request possible
- TüV approved. ABE type approved for Germany
- Standard seat Mando, swivel seat, water-repellent.
Multi-adjustable steering handle
The Mini Crosser M-model has a multi-adjustable steering handle for maximum comfort. The steering
handle has a universal joint, allowing it to be raised, lowered and angled.
Luxury seat
For the ideal sitting position the Mini Crosser Ergo standard seat can be adjusted up, down, forward, back and the angle of the backrest
can be changed. The armrests are height-adjustable and can be raised to the upright position. Mini Crosser Ergo standard seat also
has slide rails, and can be rotated 90° in both directions. The seat is contoured and is made of water-repellent PU.
Mini Crosser M-model 4-wheeler
The Mini Crosser M-model is also available in a superior 4-wheeler version. This is Northern Europe’s best-selling electric scooter in its
segment. The Mini Crosser is specifically designed to cope with the Nordic climate and terrain, making it suitable for use on rough paths,
in snow and in other conditions requiring extra stability. While safety is our top priority, we don’t compromise on the design. The M-models
come with the Mando standard seat as standard – allowing a range of adjustments for maximum comfort while sitting. The Mini Crosser
M-model is designed for people up to 175 kg as standard. The Mini Crosser series also includes the Mini Crosser HD. This
model is specially designed for people up to 250 kg. The HD can take the same accessories as the Mini Crosser M series and can be
supplied with specially strengthened HD seats up to 70 cm. The Mini Crosser HD meets high standards – emphasising design, function
and comfort. It has a strong motor, a robust gearbox, and four solid wheels and a unique suspension. A comfortable sitting position
guarantees maximum enjoyment while travelling and freedom of movement.
• Suspension - Unique adjustable suspension.
• Wheels - Bigger wheels.
• Mileage - the possibility for different mileage up to 80 km at 115 Ah batteries, easy to change.
• Handbrake operating on rear wheels, the new standard in safety.
• New seat post - Seat Height adjustable without tools.
• Increased user weight - up to 175 kg in the standard version.
• New lights and indicators - light emitting diode (LED) - maintenance free.
• Integrated mudguard on 4-wheel model.
• Larger front basket.
M-4W model
Transport height (steering column folded) 69 cm
Total length 140 cm
Total width 68 cm
Total weight with batteries 168 kg/147 kg without seat
Dynamic stability in all directions at low speed 10 degrees
Obstacle height, max. 11 cm
Speed, max. 15 km / h
Length at maximum braking 15 km/h 10 km/h 3.5 / 2 m
Height, top of seat to ground (with / without rail) 64-74 cm /61-71 cm
Height, base to top of seat (with / without rail) 45-55 cm /41-51 cm
Ergo Seat width 40,45,50,55,60 cm
Seat width HD-seat (user weight max. 250 kg) 60,65,70 cm
Seat width Spinalus seat 40,45,50 cm
Ergo-seat child seat width / Junior 34.37 cm
Seat width Mando-seat 45 cm
Seat depth Ergo-/Spinalus-/HD-Seat 32-52 cm
Ergo-seat child seat depth / Junior 20-30 cm /25-40 cm
Seat depth Mando-seat 48 cm
Backrest height Ergo-/HD-Seat 48 cm
Backrest height Spinalus-seat 56 cm
Ergo seat back height child / Junior 36 cm /41 cm
Mando seat back height 53 cm
Backrest tilt to Mando-seat -5 / 30 degrees
Charging time at 20° C 8 hours
Tyre pressure Depending on typ of wheel
Maximum user weight Standard 175 kg
Turning radius 141 cm
Max travel distance with new batteries at 20° C on a level surface
- 73 / 80 Ah batteries up to 55 km
- 110 Ah batteries (large battery cover necessary) up to 75 km
(The optimum battery capacity is reached when 20 times after discharging and charging)
Electric seats / seat rotation function / seat displacement See accessories
Electric seat back adjustment (in occupational and Spinalus seat) See accessories
Slide seat unit Standard
Cab with heater, fresh air, windshield wiper washer system Accessory
Charger (10A) Accessory